Full Name: Vera Ann Farmiga

Date of Birth: August 6, 1973

Place Of Birth : Passaic County, New Jersey, U.S.

Occupation: Actress, director

Years activ: 1996–present

Spouse: Sebastian Roché (m.1997–2005)

Renn Hawkey (m.2008–present; 2 children)

Children: 1 son and 1 daughter


Vera Ann Farmiga
born August 6, 1973 is an American actress and director. Farmiga made her film debut in the 1998 drama thriller Return to Paradise. This was followed by supporting roles in the 2000 romantic film Autumn in New York and the 2001 television series UC: Undercover. She was also cast in the 2001 thriller 15 Minutes.

Her other film appearances and roles include the 2003 comedy Dummy, the 2004 drama Down to the Bone, the 2006 crime thriller The Departed, the 2007 horror Joshua, and the 2008 drama The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Farmiga gained critical acclaim following her work in the 2009 comedy-drama Up in the Air, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She also starred as Kate Coleman in Orphan in 2009.

Her latest film appearance was in the critically acclaimed 2011 thriller/action movie Source Code, as Capt. Colleen Goodwin.


  • Closer to the Moon InfoCloser to the Moon (2013)
  • Love, Scotch and Death InfoLove, Scotch and Death (2013)
  • Goats InfoGoats (2012) stars as Wendy
  • A Pure Life InfoA Pure Life (2012) stars as Trisch
  • A View from the Bridge InfoA View from the Bridge (2012) stars as Beatrice Carbone
  • Safe House InfoSafe House (2012)
  • A Thousand Guns InfoA Thousand Guns (2012) stars as Martha Jane Feuer
  • Source Code InfoSource Code (2011) stars as Colleen Goodwin
  • Higher Ground InfoHigher Ground (2011) stars as Corinne
  • Henry's Crime InfoHenry's Crime (2011) stars as Julie Ivanova
  • The Vintner's Luck InfoThe Vintner's Luck (2009) stars as Aurora de Valday
  • Up in the Air InfoUp in the Air (2009) stars as Alex Goran
  • Orphan InfoOrphan (2009) stars as Kate Coleman
  • Nothing But the Truth InfoNothing But the Truth (2008) stars as Erica Van Doren
  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008) stars as Mother
  • Quid Pro Quo InfoQuid Pro Quo (2008) stars as Fiona
  • Joshua InfoJoshua (2007) aka Joshua: The Devil's Child stars as Abby Cairn
  • Never Forever (2007) stars as Sophie Lee
  • In Tranzit (2007) stars as Natalia
  • The Departed InfoThe Departed (2006) stars as Madolyn
  • Breaking and Entering InfoBreaking and Entering (2006) stars as Oana
  • Running Scared InfoRunning Scared (2006) stars as Teresa Gazelle
  • Neverwas (2005) stars as Eleanna
  • The Hard Easy (2005) stars as Dr. Charlie Brooks
  • Down to the Bone (2004) stars as Irene
  • Iron Jawed Angels (2004) - TM stars as Ruza Wenclawska
  • Touching Evil (2004) - TM stars as Detective Susan Branca
  • Mind the Gap (2004) stars as Allison Lee
  • Touching Evil (2004) - TV stars as Det. Susan Branca
  • The Manchurian Candidate InfoThe Manchurian Candidate (2004) stars as Jocelyne Jordan
  • Love in the Time of Money (2002) stars as Greta
  • Dummy (2002) stars as Lorena
  • UC: Undercover (2001) - TV stars as Alex Cross
  • Snow White (2001) - TM aka Blanche-Neige stars as Josephine
  • Dust (2001) stars as Amy
  • 15 Minutes (2001) aka 15 Minuten Ruhm (Germany) stars as Daphne Handlova
  • Autumn in New York (2000) stars as Lisa Tyler
  • The Opportunists (2000) stars as Miriam Kelly
  • Return to Paradise (1998) aka All for One stars as Kerrie
  • The Butterfly Dance (1998) stars as Diane
  • Roar (1997) - TV stars as Caitlin
  • Rose Hill (1997) - TM stars as Emily Elliot