Gopichand Profile

Real/Other Names:: Tripuraneni Gopichand

Date of Birth:: June 12, 1979

Place of Birth:: Hyderabad

Family and Relations

Father: T.Krishna(Director)

Elder Brother:T. Premchand

Favorite Film: Godfather

Favorite Car: BMW

Favorite Book: I am not much into Books

Favorite Food: Anything that made with Chicken

Favorite Hotel: Nothing in particular.

Favorite Holiday Spot: Russia

Favorite Actor: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro

Favorite Actress: Meg Ryan

Favorite Co-Stars: Everyone that I shared screen with

Favorite Attire: Light blue Jeans and white Shirts

Favorite Color: Black and White

Favorite Song: Nothing in particular

Favorite Sport: Cricket

Favorite Accessory: Nokia Mobile

Favorite Perfume: Issey Miyake

Favorite Hobby: Watching movies and hanging out with friends

Leisure Activities: Same as above

First Crush: Never had such

Strengths: My self-confidence

Weakness: That I easily believe others

My Motto: To help the needy and poor people as much as I can

I Hate: Backstabbing

I Love: Frankness


Golimaar (2010)

Sankham (2009)

Souryam (2008)

Ontari (2008)

Lakshyam (2007)

Okkadunnadu (2007)

Raraju (2006)

Ranam (2006)

Andhrudu (2005)

Yagnam (2005)

Varsham (2004)

Nijam (2003)

Jayam (2002)

Tolivalapu (2001)