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Cher 'traumatised' by daughter's gender reassignment surgery

Cher 'traumatised' by daughter's gender reassignment surgery
Cher was 'traumatised' when she realised she would never hear her daughter's voice again.

The 64-year-old singer begged her son Chaz Bono ' who was born a female named Chastity and began gender reassignment surgery around three years ago ' for a copy of his old female answering machine message after becoming 'hysterical' when she called and reached his new voicemail.

She said: ' was hysterical one day because I was calling Chaz's answering machine and I realized it was her old voice, and then I said, 'Chaz is there a way I can save it because I will never hear that voice again?' And there wasn't, it was gone.

'That's the most traumatic thing that has happened to me in this whole thing - hearing her voice and knowing I'll never hear it again.

The 'Believe' hitmaker also admitted she avoided seeing Chaz ' whose father in the singer's late husband Sonny Bono ' for a long time after he began treatment because she was so nervous.

She admitted in new documentary 'Becoming Chaz', she said: ' was so nervous. I hadn't seen her and I was putting it off.

'My boyfriend finally said, 'This is crazy, just do it.' I said, 'I'm so terrified of what will happen. If I don't recognize her, what will happen?'

Cher also admitted she still doesn't feel 'comfortable' referring to her offspring as 'him' rather than 'her'.

She added: 'At some point, I'm gonna have to start calling her 'him'. It doesn't seem comfortable to me yet. Actually I just can't remember and I guess I'll start forcing myself but I'm not sure she cares.'