Her Lebanese musician and entertainer. Myriam Fares born May 3, 1983. Myriam was born in Kafar Shlal, a small village in Southern Lebanon, near Kafarhata village, 5 miles east of Saida. Since her childhood, Myriam has been devoted and dedicated to arts which encouraged her to develop her talents and interests. She started learning classic ballet at the age of five which impelled her to develop her musical talents. She had a profound feeling of becoming a professional dancer which was accomplished at the age of nine when she was accepted in a TV program "Al Mawaheb Al Saghira" on Tele Liban and was awarded the first prize in oriental dancing.

As a brilliant student in arts, Myriam was encouraged by her impressed teachers to participate in the schools' events which were a motive to improve her dancing, singing and acting skills.

Inspired by her angelic strong voice, Myriam wanted to explore her talents further in singing. She joined the Lebanese National Conservatory and succeeded in learning the principles of oriental singing for four years.

At the age of sixteen, she participated in the Lebanese Festival for Songs and won the first prize as the best popular Lebanese singer.

Her seventeen was highlighted by her participation in the TV program on LBCI "Studio-El-Fann" 2000-2001 under the category of the Lebanese song. Myriam won the prize of best singer in the South of Lebanon which was followed by Dr. Walid Ghoulmiye's prize as best singer in South Lebanon, Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

Studio albums

* Mastering : Tony Haddad
* Design : Kinda Mourani
* Year : 2004

1. Ana Wel Shoq
2. Ghmorni
3. La Tis'alni
4. Shou Badou
5. Inta el Hayat
6. Ahebbak Heil
7. Hal Gharam Mish Gharam
8. Ya Alem Bil Hal


* Mastering : Tony Haddad
* Design : Kinda Mourani
* Photography : Carine & charbel
* Year : 2005

1. Nadini
2. Aanadiya
3. Hasisni Beek
4. Haklek Rahtak
5. Leh Habibi
6. Maarafsh Had Bel Esmida
7. Haset B Aman
8. Khalini Teer
9. Zaalan Menni
10. Waheshni Eih

Bet'oul Eih

* Year : 2008

1. Mouch Ananiya
2. Eih Yalli Byohsal
3. Bet'oul Eih
4. Betrouh
5. yyam El Chitti
6. Ana Albi Lik
7. Ala Khwana
8. Law Konte Radi
9. Moukanoh Wein

Min Oyouni

* Year : 2011

1. Min Oyouni
2. Khalani
3. Walaou
4. Ya Sariah
5. Ah Youma
6. Artah
7. Sid Al Koul
8. Atlah
9. Kether Al Khayel