Kelly Chen born Vivian Chen Wai Man on September 13, 1973 is a Hong Kong based singer and actress. She is also credited as Chen Huilin, Wai-Lam Chan, Kelly Chan and Wai Lun Chen.

A former advertisement model for TV, Chen is 173 cm tall and weighs 53kg.

Kelly Chen went to primary school in Hong Kong, and high school called Kobe Canadian Academy in Japan. She graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York City, specializing in Graphic Design.

Most famous in Hong Kong and the rest of China, she is also quite popular in Taiwan, Japan, and in North America.

Besides Cantonese she is also quite fluent in Japanese, English, and Mandarin.

In 2005, her song "Hope" from the Korean TV serial Dae Jang Geum has earned Kelly a high place in the Cantopop music industry. "Hope" is very popular in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. This song had also improved her earnings and also that of her record company. At the TVB 8 Awards Presentation held Kelly took home 3 awards for the song "Hope" including the Song Award, World's Most Popular Cantonese Song, and Most Well-Liked Female Singer in Mainland China. She was also the local female singer who won the most number of awards for the night. The song "Hope" had made Kelly extremely popular in China and because of this Kelly had many opportunities for performances in various parts of China including Hunan, Shanxi, Hebei. "Hope" was also the top song of charts for 20 radio stations in China and had even set a high record for ringtone downloads. A month after the initial launch, there were a total of over 3 million downloads and to date, the accumulated figure is over 6 million. As such, her record company had earned $5 million after deductions.

Universal Music's managing director had called Kelly to inform her of the good news. Kelly had promised that if the number of downloads were to go over 10 million, she will distribute the earnings to the staff.

Kelly has also wrapped up her tour, "Lost in Paradise" in 2005 in Asia and 2006 in the United States. The tour was said to be one of the top tours in 2005 from a female, Cantopop artist. "Lost in Paradise" lasted three hours and contained 35 songs from Kelly's lengthy 10-year music career. Such popular hits included: "Phone Killer," Shake Shake," Care Too Much About You," and among others.